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Gourmet cooking made easy is what Adrienne’s Sassy Gourmet is all about!

We pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients with no preservatives or additives. Cooking isn’t just something that you do, but something that you experience. When you use our products your meals are transformed from ordinary to extraordinary!

Our mission is to offer products that meet your uncompromising standards. We believe that food should be celebrated for its authenticity and originality.

The business was started with five thousand dollars in August of 2009, after closing two sewing studios in early 2008. Coming from a family of awesome cooks, and blessed with a sophisticated palette; I enjoyed good and unique foods. One summer my former husband’s uncle and aunt came to Connecticut for a visit, and he made this amazing barbecue sauce that I tried to recreate…..but I failed. In my failure to replicate my uncle’s sauce I created something that I liked even more, so over the next thirteen years I made and served my family and friends my barbecue sauce. Sure, they all loved and believed it was a great sauce but it wasn’t until a friend tried my sauce and said “why isn’t this in stores”, that I even considered selling the sauce.  That was the beginning of Adrienne’s Sassy Sauce, which is now Adrienne’s Sassy Gourmet, LLC. I started the business out of my tiny kitchen using, mason jars and address labels, in a field I knew nothing about but was determined to learn. The interest and the orders grew while I was planning my move to Pittsburgh, PA. Upon arriving in Pittsburgh in late November 2009 I continued peddling my sauce, It was my customers who discovered that the sauce was versatile and that is when I realized the uniqueness of what I created and used it as a marketing tool. The sauce started life as a barbecue sauce, but have since morphed into a gourmet cooking and dipping sauce that it is known for today. The sauces not only compliment beef, pork, poultry, and seafood like the other competitors, but also taste fantastic on vegetables, chips, and make a wonderful marinade and base to soups. Adrienne’s Sassy Gourmet Cooking and Dipping Sauces stands out from the competition by providing versatility for the customers


We are committed to our continued quest for excellence.

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Read more about Adrienne

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