Owner’s Bio

Adrienne Brown is founder and owner of Adrienne’s Sassy Gourmet, and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She is mother of five beautiful and talented children and has six heartbeats, her grandchildren. She was born in Massachusetts, but raised in Hartford, Connecticut.

 In 1989, Adrienne opened a business called Precious Memories.  It was here she began creating and designing undergarments for plus size and hard to fit women. At the time the business began, retailers were not selling stylish undergarments for plus size women; therefore her business was fulfilling an unmet market need. Eventually, larger retailers also began to see the value for catering to plus size women, pushing smaller businesses like Adrienne’s out of the market place. However, she continued sewing and in 2003 opened another business, called The Sewing Studio which led to two storefront operations. Here she taught sewing classes, sold high end sewing machines, and vacuum cleaners.  In 2008, as the economy changed and customers were no longer spending money on non-essentials, Adrienne began planning her next move as an entrepreneur; which brought her to Pittsburgh.

 Coming from a family of awesome cooks, and blessed with a sophisticated palette; Adrienne began focusing on the gourmet dipping sauces she had been serving her family and friends over the past sixteen years.  Sure, they all believed it was a great sauce but what makes this sauce different than all the others on the market?

 Adrienne’s Sassy Gourmet has established a working relationship with a major distributor who is capable of distributing their products to chain grocery stores, food service companies and restaurants once production is maximized.

 In 2011 she was awarded the Women’s Small Business Association, Business Woman of the Year. Also in 2012 she was nominated again by the Women’s Small Business Association for Best Business Woman of Pittsburgh Award.  Adrienne’s vision for the company is to further develop and expand the line by offering all-natural products. Finally, Adrienne’s Sassy Gourmet’s mission and inspiration is to create jobs and build wealth within the Pittsburgh region by becoming the premier gourmet food producer in the Pittsburgh market and beyond.